Community Connections (By Pam Scott)

God weaves the tapestry in our lives in such a way that it helps us to point others to Him. Just recently, I attended a celebration for a double lung recipient. There were approximately 150 people from the community there. Most of them I didn’t know.

As I entered, I was asked if I would be willing to pray before we enjoyed dinner together. Of course, what a privilege to be able to share that this was truly a miracle and give glory to the One who made the miracle happen.

That prayer opened up a number of opportunities to chat with people, as they sought me out along the way. But this is the part that reminded me how important our community connections are. A young man and I pointed at each other at the same time and said, “Hey, I know you.” I had gotten to know him over the years as he worked at the Brecksville Starbucks. He was now connected to this family in a very unique way as the sister’s significant other, and was a double lung transplant recipient himself.
As I was leaving, a person from the back of the crowd yelled my name. Surprisingly, it was someone I have connected with through playing pickleball at the rec center. Because of the opportunity I had to pray at that event, it has opened up a whole new connection with these people. We just never know how God is going to use our connections with the community to reveal Himself. So don’t be bashful, get out with people in your community and be a blessing! I’ve been blessed just by the opportunities God has given me to reflect His light in today’s world.

One Response to “Community Connections (By Pam Scott)”

  1. Dacia Pitzer says:

    This does not surprise me! Your faith and love for God shines from your face everyday!