Dreaming of Summer: 2017 Campership Report (By Pam Scott)

Congratulations to our students who earned a scholarship towards summer camp in 2017! Each year, Children’s Ministry offers a campership to any student who completes a daily Bible study and memorizes Scripture. In total, 15 students earned the $75 campership and used the scholarship to spend a week at a Christian summer camp. They attended Stony Glen, Cedarbrook, and Faith Ranch.
When asked what their favorite activities from camp were, students had a difficult time choosing because there were so many activities to choose from. One of the boys that went to Stony Glen mentioned activities like gaga-ball, human foosball, basketball, archery, and riflery, which he hopes to improve in next year. Delicious food, canoeing, and swimming at the waterfront were other highlights for him.
Another boy mentioned that camping out in the woods is a fun activity he gets to do over the summer. He enjoyed riflery, airsoft, and camping out. It rained most of the week, but he said, “God did not let it rain on Wednesday when we camped out.”
One of the girls who went to camp overcame her fear and got on a horse! She also made the spiritual decision to read a book of the Bible. Another one of our girls made the spiritual decision to read the entire Old Testament by next year!
A special thanks to our Campership adult volunteers for so faithfully meeting with the kids, listening to verses, and checking off the completion of their Bible work.You make the process extra fun and exciting for the students! We appreciate you!