Easter Hunt (By Dan Adams)

Easter is nearly upon us – finally. It’s coming just about as late as it possibly can in the year, and I can feel the anticipation. Families and children are eager for the celebration. Teachers and students still waiting for Spring Break are eager and antsy. And for good reason – Easter brings with it a reminder of the best news mankind has ever heard.

I have two strong memories surrounding Easter from my early childhood. I recall my parents making my siblings and I all wear coordinated, if not matching, outfits. Maybe that wouldn’t have been so bad if I had brothers instead of three sisters.
A more fond memory was the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Most parents know this fun activity. Dad would hide bags of eggs all over the yard. Mom would give us each a basket, and then set us loose to find all of the treats tucked inside the hidden eggs. Then one parent would chase us around with a camera, while the other would try to make sure everyone found an equal number of eggs. Easter eggs, chocolate, and fond memories.
The Easter Egg is said to remind us of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the new life that He brings. On that first Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, there were a number of people on a much more important hunt. On the third day, after Christ’s crucifixion, two women, Mary and Mary, went to search for Jesus. They were expecting His body, but instead found an empty tomb with the huge stone rolled away. Two angels appeared to them and said…
“I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has risen, as he said, come see the place where he lay.” (Matthew 28:5, 6)
I’m confident that no one has ever been more pleased to come up empty after an Easter Hunt. Of course they had to tell this exciting news to the disciples. Admittedly, this was an amazing and hard to believe account. So John and Peter raced to the tomb to see for themselves. All they found was an empty tomb and Jesus’ folded up burial clothes. (John 20:1-8) Not finding His body solidified their faith in Jesus. “…he saw and believed…” (John 20:8)
So, Resurrection Sunday started with a hunt for Jesus. While they didn’t find His body, they did find a renewed faith in Jesus, and His power over life and death.
In many ways, the hunt for Jesus is still on today, and especially at Easter.
There are people in our lives who desperately need to know about the life-changing news of Jesus Christ, and how He has provided hope, healing, forgiveness, new life, and eternal life. As they go about life hunting for fulfillment, meaning, and satisfaction in so many places, what they’re really in need of is Jesus, whether they realize it or not.

Let’s be like the two Marys on the first Resurrection Sunday – let’s hurry to tell everyone we know to come and see for themselves. Jesus is alive and well, and won’t disappoint. A great way to get the news out is by inviting them to join us for our Easter Celebrations at church, where they’ll hear the best news ever… “He has risen, just as he said. Come and see…” (Matthew 28:6, NIV)