Stony Glen Campout (By Dan Adams)

One of my favorite places in the entire world is Stony Glen Camp, which is conveniently only about an hour’s drive from home. I love this place for so many reasons: the beautiful sets of waterfalls, the comfortable and quiet cabins, the peaceful lake, and the endless paths through the forest. When I want to get away into nature, this is the place.
But perhaps the most important reason I love Stony Glen is because every time I’m there I have met with Christ in new and fresh ways, ever since I was in elementary school. This past weekend, we had the privilege of being back out at camp for the Boys Brigade and Pioneer Girls Campout. Each fall I look forward to this campout, because I know the impact it has on a child’s life. Just 7 years ago, our oldest daughter trusted Christ for salvation at this campout. And we see kids make life-changing decisions for Christ each year.
One special aspect of this campout for me is the way our youth step up and serve. Each year, we invite our SLAM (student leadership) Team to help make the campout happen. They serve in so many ways: loading and unloading the trailer, supervising and helping with canoe time, setting up and cleaning up for each meal, making campfires, leading group games, and leading the Sunday morning chapel service, including the music and testimonies. When I see them helping like this, I tell them, “You look a lot like Christ when you’re serving!” I’m proud of them.
God provided us the perfect weather for all of our outdoor activities, which was a blessing. Each of the groups went on hikes, had bonfires, sang songs, and had group projects. It was fun to see the boys making their own fishing poles – one boy even caught a fish. Some of the boys set up a tent for the very first time, and each of them learned how to build three types of fires.
I don’t know where your favorite places are to meet with God, but Stony Glen is on the top of my list. Wherever it is, let me encourage you to make time today to meet with Him.