We Know But We Don’t Know! (By Pam Scott)

Do you remember what takes place in Genesis 6-8? If you’re like me, you’ve heard about it all your life, and you are astounded every time you hear the size of Noah’s Ark. I mean, it was BIG!
God gave the plans to Noah; he obeyed and took 100 years to build the Ark, surrounded by much ridicule. But in the end, God’s plan was the next step in giving mankind a second chance, and a future to all generations to come.
But I gotta tell you, even though I’ve been amazed at the size of the Ark all my life, it took my breath away to see the life-size replica of the Ark just a few weeks ago. Even my imagination couldn’t fathom the true size, as you felt like a little ant standing next to it.
As I walked through the ark, floor after floor – viewing the detailed displays and information – it truly brought God’s power and plan to life. I really was blessed to have received the opportunity to have my mind blown to see this display, and gain a bigger glimpse of God’s intricate plan and care for mankind.

I couldn’t help but to think about the place that God is preparing for believers in heaven. It’s going to be way beyond what we can ever imagine, and I’m sure it will take our breath away. Because as Nehemiah says, “we have a great, mighty, and awesome God.” And we know, but do we really know?