What Really Happened on Christmas Morning? (By Tim H.)

We are celebrating Christmas this weekend and I have to ask you, “What really happened Christmas morning?” I am not looking for the Sunday School response of “Jesus was born”. I am looking for a deeper understanding of the significance of Christ’s birth. Let’s consider a few things:
  • There is more biblical and historical information about Christ’s birth than any other person in history. How much do you know about J.F. Kennedy’s birth? Although an influential person in American history, we know very little about his birth. How about Albert Einstein? Again, arguably one of the smartest men to walk the earth and we know little about his birth.
  • Jesus was more than just a man. He was both God and man and lived a flawless life. Proving he was more than an ordinary human, consider how many who have followed him through history have died violent deaths. How about the over 900 miles of catacombs under the city of Rome filled with the remains of over 7 million Christians? What about the hundreds of prophecies written hundreds of years before Jesus identified himself as Messiah that were fulfilled?
  • Jesus confirmed he was the Messiah (Mark 14:61-63)
  • Jesus used the terms “Son of man” and “Son of God”, both referring to his divine nature (Daniel 7:13,14 and Matthew 26:53,64)
  • Jesus specifically stated that He and God are one (John 10:30)
  • Jesus indicated he had authority over matters controlled by God including forgiveness (Mark 2:5-10)
  • Jesus accepted worship (Luke 5:8, John 20:28)
  • Jesus is the only person in history to die and be resurrected by himself.
So as you unwrap gifts, eat meals with friends and family, and observe the manger scene set up in your house take time to stand in awe of the baby named Jesus Christ. Eventually this baby would save the entire world from their sin through his death and resurrection. Ask yourself “Is Jesus just more than a man to me? Do you truly believe Jesus is God? What place does Jesus have in your life today? Are you a follower of Jesus?”

Merry Christmas!