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Everyone Has a Place in Missions...

Please use the information in this website and in our handbook as a resource as you pray, write and support our missionaries. Our church supports 21 different missionaries throughout the world along with 5 different organizations and a new church plant in Serbia. 

Remember that we may not all be called to go but those that have gone are counting on us to hold the ropes.

holding the ropes

William Carey was the founder of the modern missionary movement. When he heard a sermon about the “goldmine of heathen in India” he answered that he would “go down” into the mine but who would hold the ropes?

His three friends said that they would be responsible to “hold the ropes” as long as they lived. What did they mean?

They were promising that back home they would give Carey all the help and support they could. They would pray for him and encourage others to do so. They would write, send money and challenge others to join him. 

They could not go down into the pit of India with him but they would hold the ropes.


What can you do? Get a handbook and read about our missionaries. In it will be guidelines for how to get in contact with the missionaries and how to support them with prayers, emails and packages. 

Each ABF is responsible for at least one missionary. They read their prayer letters and provide fellowship time for them when they visit.

Get involved in your ABF’s ministry of support. Check out the bulletin board in the B hallway and outside the Worship Center by the front door to see what is happening in missions throughout the year.



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