Our 2021 Summer Interns


My name is Sarah Cornish, and I’m one of the interns that will be serving you this summer. I just completed my sophomore year at Grove City College, where I am studying to be a high school history teacher.


Important Update On Ohio Health Orders (By Shane Prewitt)

Last week, Governor DeWine announced that Ohio will no longer require people to wear a mask if they have been fully vaccinated in accordance with the new CDC guidelines.
As we have been doing since the beginning of the Pandemic, our church body will continue to follow the recommendations of our state and local officials.


Heart of Worship (By Shane Prewitt)

Twenty years ago, worship leader Matt Redman penned the words of a song that has become a classic worship song over the years entitled, “The Heart of Worship”.  The first verse and chorus simply but profoundly states:

When the music fades
All is stripped away
And I simply come
Longing just to bring
Something that’s of worth
That will bless your heart



The Hibernating Church (By Dan Adams)

Over the past few weeks we’ve been able to enjoy northeast Ohio slowly but surely emerging from its annual wintry hibernation.
Aside from this week’s sudden and record snow fall, it’s been exhilarating to see the flowers bloom, the trees begin to bud and blossom, and the furry creatures become more active. These are encouraging signs of life.