Family Summer Shake-Up Recap (By Pam Scott)

Who would have thought just a couple of years ago, when we began the new outreach ministry of Kids Summer Shake Up, that the name couldn’t have been more appropriate for what we have been facing these days? This summer, because of COVID-19, we went back to the drawing board and made it into Family Summer Shake-Up: Home Edition.
The exciting thing is that we believe it has reached more families than ever. At the start we were thinking we might give out 100 bags or maybe more. But just in case, we ordered 300 bags.
Well, God did more than we ever imagined. 325 bags were given out to families! Multiply that by 3-4 family members, including parents, and you see how many people it may have impacted.
And because of your connections with people in your neighborhoods, I believe we have impacted some different families than in the past. I pray that it will continue to open the door with communications with families through you.

So, the best we could track, these are the family bags that were distributed:

  • 28 church families
  • 177 church families gave away to neighbors, co-workers, etc.
  • 120 outreach people who actually picked them up
We really don’t know how many families have completed the Shake-Up packet, as some are saving it for mid-winter when they need more activities, others are spreading it out, and some completed it the week of Shake-Up.

Some evaluation responses:

  • Family’s favorite part – Hands-on activities, Bible Story time with kids, creating original family game, Bible reading, doing the creative stuff, easy to do with all materials prepared for us. Create activities were the best, making bird feeders. Even our teens enjoyed getting involved.
  • Responses when asked how they can continue caring for others – Keep looking for ways we can help others around us, giving them food, being nice, praying they don’t get sick, check on relatives and friends, spread the message of salvation. We have decided to continue doing Bible reading and discussions together after dinner. By looking after elderly neighbors, helping others in the neighborhood or around the house, by looking for those who have needs and helping them, encouraging others, by being good and helping their mother out with chores.
  • How can we best care for you and your family? – We’ve appreciated notes from teachers and staff; kids love getting mail! Events and interactions in the future. Thanks for encouragement to do it with an adult exchange student – he really enjoyed it! Just praying for us. Thank you for this opportunity during this pandemic – keep doing what you’re doing. Prayers and encouragement.


We will never know the full results of what God did through Family Summer Shake-Up: Home Edition, but we need to pray that God keeps working in hearts and keep our eyes open to opportunities He gives to us to share His love each and every day. Thanks, everyone, for all the behind-the-scenes work to point people to Jesus through this great event.