Investing in Others (By Pam Scott)

What an honor and privilege it has been for me to serve at PHBC for 42 years. And one thing the Lord has really shown me is the importance of being invested in lives for the long haul.
I was just reminded of that again the other day, when a person who grew up in this church 30-some years ago came to me and said, “Thank you. I am where I am today because you invested in my life when I was facing some tough struggles as a child. Without that, who knows where I’d be. THANK YOU for caring and pouring into my life.”
Today, she is on fire for the Lord and joyfully serving, influencing the next generation for Christ.
That is one of many stories I’ve appreciated hearing over the years. And my point is this: it’s not about you or me, it’s about allowing God to influence others through us as we invest in lives for the long haul. So be encouraged, don’t give up; whether you’re teaching, pouring into another one-on-one, or whatever it may be, God will impact lives as you invest in others with His love. It’s truly worth the investment. After all, God gave His all to invest in each one of us.