Is It Really Just a Dream? (By Pam Scott)

Imagine being placed in a neighborhood where you have a great opportunity to make a lasting impact. If we really took the time to connect with our neighbors, get involved in their lives and show that we care, just think how God could use those moments to show Himself, as we become His hands and feet.
For many years, I’ve had that same dream for our church. I believe it is no mistake that God has placed PHBC in this location, surrounded by many neighbors, who need our love and care.
After many years of waiting and praying, God is beginning to open doors to some of our surrounding apartment complexes. They are showing an interest in partnering with us to allow us to provide some “Kid Connections”. This may be through providing craft opportunities, game times, nuggets from God’s Word, and connections with loving volunteers.
I envision families taking part in this ministry as kids interact with kids, and adults help lead and build relationships. We hope to connect on their location with them, but then offer further opportunities for them to connect at PHBC.

We really don’t know where God will take this. But I do know this: when God gives the dream, He will bring it to reality, and will continue to lead us to help make it happen. So I’m asking you to pray for God’s continued direction in these great possibilities. Pray that doors would continue to open. Pray for a team of people willing to carry out this exciting opportunity. If you are interested in getting involved – adults or whole families – see Pam Scott or Sue Eaton. I’m excited to see what God is going to do, making this dream a reality.