Miracles (By Kraig Anderson)

The heartbeat had stopped. All life had ceased. The unborn baby inside her had died. What horrible, gut-wrenching news to hear from a doctor. The father of this baby was my guitar instructor. The mom, a gifted singer. They both were wonderful friends and musicians at the first church I served in Minnesota.
Days after the doctor had confirmed that their baby had died, the couple went to the hospital to have a procedure done to remove the baby from her uterus. As she was connected to several machines, all of a sudden this flurry of activity began happening around them.
Doctors, nurses, and anyone else standing nearby gathered and were astonished with some cheering, others with tears rolling down their faces. This was absolutely medically unexplainable. After double and triple-checking the original diagnosis and the current status to make sure they had the vitals correct, they came to only one conclusion. This baby that had died, today had a strong heartbeat with healthy vitals. Their baby was alive!
Christ-followers and atheists in that hospital room could only attribute it to one explanation: It was a miracle! That baby went to full-term and was born a beautiful, healthy baby!
Do miracles still happen today? That one did.
Today, many people just don’t expect or even recognize the miracles happening around us. God’s Word says this in Mark 10:27, Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”
That’s a part we just don’t understand. With all the amazing modern advances man has made, we put ourselves on the throne of know-how, accomplishment, and technological advancement. We can do anything…or so we think!
But the reality is, compared to what God can do, our intelligence and power only scratches the surface when compared to what God can do. And for those people who say they truly really know the amazing power of God, they are putting God in a box. We can’t really know the true reaches of God’s supreme control of all things.
Is your faith up to it – up to believing again that God can perform miracles?
I’m excited and honored to help share Kim and Sue Eaton’s miracle at church on Sunday and on social media through a video we shot recently. Kim shares that his heart stopped beating and he should not have survived. Doctors told him if he had had that heart attack in a hospital, he would have had a 10% chance of living. His happened in the parking lot of a camp.
Whether you see the story at church on Sunday, on the PHBC Facebook page, or our YouTube channel, you’ll have to decide if you believe that God makes miracles happen today.