The Tapestry of Life (By Pam Scott)

Have you ever really thought about a piece of tapestry, and the story it tells? To look at it from underneath, it looks like a mess.
There are all kinds of threads crisscrossing every which way.  Colors are all mixed together. There are knots everywhere, and loose threads just hanging throughout the piece.
It really doesn’t look good at all.
In fact, if that’s the only side you look at, you may begin to wonder, what is the purpose of this thing? Actually, what was on this person’s mind to spend all that time making such a mess?
But then of course, when you turn the tapestry over, a beautiful picture is revealed. You see the maker’s handiwork at its best. Even though the back looks disorganized and without purpose, the final product is, without question, a masterpiece. The artist really knew what they were doing. And all the mess on the back is what created the beauty in the finished product. 
Now, let’s glance at life these days. So many things seem out of sorts and different and challenging. There are lonely people, emotions out of control, and sadness. Everything has changed: shopping, church, gatherings, etc.
So what is going on? Well, maybe it’s time that we stop looking at all the negative – the knots and loose threads – and start looking at the finished product that God is developing in us, something that is beautiful and useful in making a difference in this world.
Are you recognizing the good that God is accomplishing around us and in us? Are you seeing the opportunities for ministry around you? He is at work! Let’s join God in impacting others and by reaching out to others, being their encouragement through tough times, and allowing God to grow us into the people He wants us to be. 
James 1:2-4 reminds us how God is growing us through these trials. Ecclesiastes 11:5 also tells us we cannot always understand the work of God, but then Romans 8:28 tells us that, as believers, all things work together for good. There is a beautiful tapestry being made right now.  Let’s join God in helping to show the world the wonderful picture He is creating.