Town Hall Highlights (By Shane Prewitt)

On Thursday, June 24, we had a church-wide Town Hall Meeting, in which our ministry team leaders, along with Pastor Shane, gave updates and happenings at PHBC. If you were not able to attend, here are a few key highlights.


The COVID-19 Pandemic brought many challenges to our church family, but through it all God has been faithful. While there are still challenges that we face as a church body, we also believe we have a responsibility to move our church body forward in a healthy and strategic way. We have dedicated members who are faithful to manage over our finances as a church and will continue to monitor our financial situation in the coming days. Please be in prayer for our church in this area as we seek to be wise stewards of our resources while also trying to move forward in a healthy way.
Over the past several months we have continued to evaluate our current situation along with planning for our future. As a part of our planning, our leadership has approved a plan to add four part-time positions to our pastoral staff and worship ministry to help strengthen our ministries. Each of the positions will vary in time commitment and salary, but we see each role as strategic as we move forward. 

As a church body we are still wrestling with the financial challenges that COVID has brought our way and is reflected in our budgetary commitments. Our original 2021 budget had a larger portion allocated to staffing and potential hires than we are currently utilizing. The addition of these positions will only impact a portion of the original staff line in the budget and will continue to allow us to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted into our care.


Dave Buncher – Pastor of Discipleship and Missions
Dave Buncher will be serving as our Pastor of Discipleship and Missions, along with other general pastoral duties. Dave has an extensive church ministry background and his experience and skill set will add great value and depth to our pastoral staff.
Previously, Dave served as a church planter and Senior Pastor of Life Pointe Chapel in Broadview Heights, Youth Pastor and Worship Leader at The Gospel House in Walton Hills and has served as Camp Director at Stoney Glen Camp since 2011.
Dave is married to his wife, Laura.
Ron Nelson – Worship Coordinator
Ron Nelson is currently the director of the Worship Choir and Worship Orchestra in addition to his duties in worship service planning and leading. Previously, he directed both the Youth and Adult Handbell Choirs. Ron has served in a variety of capacities on the Deacon Board.
Prior to PHBC, Ron spent 8 years as Coordinator of Music Ministry at the First Baptist Church of Danville PA and 4 years as Choir Director at the First Baptist Church of Titusville, PA. He has a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Clarion University of PA and a Master of Business Administration from Bloomsburg University. Outside of PHBC, Ron is a regular member of the Swingtime Big Band and has also played in the pit orchestras of numerous youth and community theaters.

Ron is married to his wife, Jayne, and they have one son (Jon). Most importantly, Ron has been a follower of Jesus Christ since his preteen years. He is honored to be able to serve PHBC in this capacity of our Worship Arts ministry.


Dan Spacagna – Worship Coordinator
Dan Spacagna is currently serving in worship planning and leading. Dan has been involved in worship ministry in a variety of roles since 1993 including serving as a full-time staff worship leader at The Rock Church, Cleveland, where he developed a team to manage all aspects of Sunday morning service including special outreaches and live concerts with nationally recognized artists and bands.
He is also an Organizational Leadership expert with specialty in behavior assessment, Certified Executive Life Coach, Certified Trainer with Stephen K Leadership and author of several books. Dan has conducted live keynote presentations and trainings to over 20,000 individuals in 49 states, all across Canada and has online students in over 40 countries.

Dan is married to his wife, Lori, and together have three children (Sam, Joey, and Jamie).


Carl Burns – Director of Family Ministries
Carl Burns will be launching a new outreach initiative designed to reach new families in our area. The Director of Family Ministries position is designed to create new strategic outreach events to connect families in the community with PHBC. While this will be a limited, part-time position, we are excited about the passion Carl brings to this area and the potential impact it will have upon our church.
Carl has been actively involved in his time here at PHBC in a variety of roles including serving on our Deacon Board, discipleship team, connections team, teaching growth groups and serving on Power Mission trips.
Carl recently completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies with Minor in Church Ministry and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree.
Carl is married to his wife, Emily, and together have three children (Macee, Dominic, and Leora).


Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were having serious discussions about the potential of moving to a “One Service” worship service model. Because of the COVID ramifications, the one service model conversations went to the back burner. However, as the mandates and restrictions began to lift, we once again started to think about the potential strengths that a redesigned Sunday morning experience could bring to us a church body. 

Some of the strengths at the forefront of the discussion are:

  • Church Unity
  • Volunteer Capacity
  • Simplified Model of Ministry
  • Enhanced Worship Experience
  • Emphasis on the church as one body and family


We are excited to circle the date, September 12, 2021 as the launching of our one service model at 11:00am. We plan on utilizing a “Celebration” style worship format, which will utilize many different elements on a regular basis including a worship team and band, choir, orchestra, and a variety of music that is designed to glorify God and encourage the entire body of Christ. 
Our 9:30am hour will be designed to help our church grow deeper in our relationship with Christ by utilizing our Growth Groups and Deep Dive Discipleship classes, along with other selected specialty classes. Both our 9:30am “Grow” hour and 11:00am “Worship” hour will have children’s ministry offerings, as we have in the past.
We are also currently offering what we are calling a “Workers’ Chapel” at 8:15am for those who are serving in various ministry areas on Sunday morning. The chapel is a scaled back service designed to minister to those who are unable to attend the worship service that week.  
In addition, we will continue to offer our Live Stream service as an outreach to the community and those who are unable to attend in person.
While we are excited about this reformatting of our Sunday morning schedule, we recognize there is work to be done for us to execute this well. Our greatest need is for more people to volunteer for areas such as children’s ministry, connections, and security, in order for us to have a healthy rotation of people to help protect against ministry burnout.
Would you join with me in praying for more volunteers AND would your prayerfully consider if God would have you serve in a ministry related area on Sunday mornings?
Better Together,
Pastor Shane