Our mission is to help people find and follow Jesus Christ by creating an atmosphere of hospitality and opportunities to connect with others.

Our specific focus is on:

  • Connecting with our Community
  • Connecting with our Guests
  • Connecting with One Another

Connecting With Our Community

Connecting with para-church ministries that meet specific needs in our community well allows PHBC to multiply the impact of Gospel. The ministries we partner with include:

Connecting With Our Guests

Entering a church as a guest can be a daunting path. The Connections Greeting team is here to see every person who enters the church is greeted, recognized, and encouraged. The Connections Team works with the Pastoral team to ensure first-time guests are contacted to answer any questions they might have about the ministry at PHBC or their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Connecting With One Another

The Connections Ministry supports church-wide programs in many ways, ranging from behind-the-scenes logistics to leading special events.

A large part of connecting with one another is caring about one another. The CARE Initiative (Communicate, Act, Reassure, and Encourage) exists so that church attendees are being cared about by others.

Becoming a Part of the Team

If you love meeting people and helping others, there is a place for you in the Connections Ministry. Commitments range from weekly to once a month, all with the goal of making sure you have the opportunity be a part of worship and group opportunities. If you are interested contact Tim H. (Connections Pastor) at thunsicker@phbaptist.org. We’d love help you find a place to serve on our team or another ministry location at PHBC!

Serving Opportunities

GREETERS – Be a part of a team welcoming the church family to worship on Sundays, or classes and activities on Wednesday IMPACT Night. This opportunity is on a monthly basis.

SHUTTLE BUS DRIVERS – Join a team of drivers picking up people from the local apartment buildings that do not have vehicles to attend PHBC on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. This opportunity is on a monthly basis. All volunteers for this ministry must pass a screening process that includes presenting a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

CARE COACHES – If you love talking with and caring about people, join this team, where you will be given 3-4 people to check in with on a monthly basis. These check-ins can range from in-person visits, phone calls, texts, e-mails, cards or other creative ideas you may have.

HOSPITALITY TEAM – Do you enjoy being a part of making others feel welcome and wanted for special occasions? If so, being on-call with our hospitality team may be your thing. The Connections Ministry partners with other ministries of PHBC for church-wide events. This team serves as needed for events that need an extra boost of hospitality and manpower.