Senior Pastor

SPrewitt@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 105
Hello, I’m Shane Prewitt. My wife, Charlene, and I have been married since 2002, and we’re blessed with our amazing adopted son, Chase. Serving as a Senior Pastor since 2001, my journey in church ministry began at age 19. Growing up in a Christian home, I embraced Christ at age six. Passionate about ministry and Jesus, I believe in leading the church to maximum impact for His glory. Philippians 1:6 is my favorite verse. On my bucket list is owning a BBQ trailer and working at some fairs. Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala fueled my passion for prayer. Lost is my top TV show, and I enjoy smoking ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. Keeping a prayer journal helps me connect with God. For obvious reasons, I’d love to visit Hawaii. Our energetic Siberian Husky, Zoey, keeps life interesting. Music-wise, I love country and gospel, with The Isaacs as a favorite group. Beyond ministry, I umpire baseball, enjoy golfing, passionately supporting teams from “Up North,” coaching soccer, and umpiring High School and Travel League Baseball. I enjoy Mexican cuisine, especially from Mexican Village in Utica, Michigan. Chips and salsa are my go-to snack.


Associate Pastor

DAdams@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 108

Hi, I’m Dan, and I’ve been married to Grace since 2001. We both grew up in the Cleveland area and met in our church’s youth ministry as teenagers. We’re blessed with 3 wonderful daughters: Alayna, Alexa, and Alivia. We share our home with several lively cats. I’ve been in full-time ministry since 2004, but my journey of service started in 1996. Romans 5:8 is my favorite Bible verse. Beyond ministry, I find joy in backpacking, camping, volleyball, woodworking, and shortwave radio. I dream of visiting all the US national parks someday and Alaska is my dream destination. I enjoy reading, audiobooks, and podcasts. I connect with God best through Bible reading and worshipping with my guitar in a wooded wilderness. In the community, I’ve coached various volleyball teams and lead a church volleyball league. When it comes to snacks, anything salty and savory is my go-to.


Facility Manager

DBuncher@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 116


Hi, I’m Dan and I’ve been married to Patty since 2000. We met in youth group, at PHBC, where I grew up. We have 2 children. Kaitlyn works at Sonshine Preschool and with our facility team, while Benjamin serves in the United States Navy. My favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13. Cooking is my passion, thanks to my Culinary Degree from Pennsylvania Culinary. Beyond the kitchen, I enjoy watching NCIS and indulging in anything chocolate for dessert or a snack. I’d love to travel Europe someday. Our pets, Wesley Roberts and Madame De Pompadour (a French Bulldog we watch for Ben), add joy to our home. Contemporary Christian music is my favorite. My older brother now runs the family construction business, and my younger brother our very own Pastor Dave.


Pastor of Discipleship & Missions

DaveBuncher@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 104

Hello, I’m Dave Buncher, married to Laura for over 25 years and our cat Noah keeps us company. After growing up here at PHBC, I’ve been in vocational ministry for 20+ years. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 6:34. Outside the ministry, I enjoy motorcycling and boating, and my entertainment staples include the Bible, J.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis. Connecting with God involves worship music and solitary moments in nature. I dream of returning to Israel. I actively serve on the Board of Trustees at Stony Glen Camp. Mexican cuisine, especially at Cozumel, tops my list, and for dessert or snacks, I enjoy in chicharrónes.


Interim Christian Schools Administrator

DGriffey@phcawarriors.com | (440) 845-8668 ext. 130


Hello, I’m Dave Griffey. My family includes my wife, Mary Jo, 3 adult sons and Bailey, our Golden Doodle. I’ve been serving in Christian Schools for over 35 years. Micah 6:8 is my guiding Bible verse. Beyond ministry, I love reading sport biographies, playing disc golf, and cheering for The Ohio State Football team. On my bucket list is a trip to the Holy Land. I enjoy watching the 1963 classic “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” Daily, I connect with God through conversation, prayer, and Bible reading. Zihuantanejo, Mexico, is my dream destination. I’m actively involved with the Tim Tebow Foundation’s “Night to Shine.” Italian cuisine is a favorite, and for a go to snack, you’ll find me enjoying Chili Cheese Fritos.


Finance & Accounting Manager

THickey@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 100


Connections Pastor

(440) 886-6100 ext. 102

Hello, I’m Tim. My wife, Cara, and I are childhood sweethearts from PHBC, share the joy of two grown children and a precious granddaughter. I’ve been in the ministry since 2012. 1 Corinthians 15:58 is my favorite scripture. In summer, I dig into gardening while winter calls for snowboarding. Any season, I’m enjoy exploring new places. I’m a sci-fi enthusiast, I marvel at its impact on reality, eagerly awaiting my own lightsaber! High school memories include show choir – yes, I could sing and dance simultaneously. I connect with God by escaping the hustle, whether in the countryside, neighborhood walks, or on a 12-hour flight to a ministry project. Dream locations include early church locations, Israel, and any tropical paradise with white sand, blue water, and a gentle breeze. Music-wise, anything goes except country and rap. Cara and I, full-time missionaries, work to fulfill the Great Commission through planning and construction of ministry facilities around the world. I enjoy fine seafood. Desserts are delightful but salty/savory snack always hits the spot.


Office Manager

NLabbad@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 118
Hi, I’m Nicolette! My wonderful family includes my husband, Jimi, and our fantastic kids—Violet, Abram, Silas, and Asher. We also have Ruthie, our lovable Aussiedoodle, and Woody, our joyful parakeet. Zephaniah 3:17 is my favorite Bible verse. Beyond ministry, I thrive on adventure—hiking, sailing, and dreaming of exploring every U.S. National Park (Alaska & Hawaii included) with my family. However, I dream about visiting the Holy Land and sailing the Sea of Galilee, the very same waters where Jesus calmed the storm! Aside from being adventurous, I love cooking for my family, crafting with family & friends, and diving back into photography and videography. And when I don’t have to cook, I enjoy Indian, Middle Eastern, Mexican and Thai cuisines.


Worship Coordinator

RNelson@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 117

Hello, I’m Ron. My wife, Jayne, and I live in Strongsville. We have one son Jon, married to Claudia. Philippians 4:13 is my favorite Bible verse. At PHBC I’m spend my time planning and leading services and directing the Worship Choir and Orchestra. Entertainment-wise I enjoy the inspiring Mr. Holland’s Opus and the adventurous The Hunt for Red October. I connect with God through prayer and the Word, and dream of visiting New Zealand. I enjoy Classical, Jazz, and Christian music. Toft’s ice cream is a favorite, especially CaveMan Chocolate. In the community, I’m the Music Director of the Swingtime Big Band, and leader of the jazz quartet SteadyGroove.


Integrated Communications

JMorrison@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 114


Greetings, I’m Jim Morrison. I have a daughter who resides in Dallas and a son who lives in Wyoming.  My favorite scripture verse is Proverbs 3:5-6. I connect with God through prayer, Bible study, and nature. I have a master’s degree in marketing communications, and I teach video production for marketing at West Virginia University. Photography, motorcycling, and camping are some of my favorite pastimes. On my bucket list of things to do is publishing a book on how to effectively use media for church growth. The Andy Griffith Show, the Bible, and A Walk to Remember top my entertainment list. Ventriloquism is one of my hidden talents. I enjoy travel and would like to revisit Banff in Canada someday. Milo, my Pug-Beagle mix, is a loyal companion.  Musically, I enjoy gospel bluegrass, folk, and 70s easy listening.  I enjoy Chinese cuisine from Dragon Gate in Parma and my favorite dessert is bananas foster and tiramisu.


Director of Sonshine Preschool

sonshinepreschool@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-7485 ext. 106


Hello, I’m Charlene. I’m blessed to share life with my husband Shane and our son Chase. Our lively Siberian Husky, Zoey, is known as the neighborhood escape artist.  Psalm 139 is my favorite Bible passage. I enjoy gardening, and I’ve already traveled out west, but I’d love to spend more time there—such beauty. Currently, we’re enjoying family time watching Little House on the Prairie, capturing a simpler time. I find joy in and connect with God through singing. I serve regularly on our church praise team. Dream destinations include Ireland or Alaska. Music-wise, I love southern gospel, contemporary Christian, and even enjoy dancing to country music. Mexican cuisine is a favorite, but I’m not too picky.


Children’s Pastor

PScott@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 103

Hello, I’m Pam and I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been blessed to serve in my home church for nearly 50 years. I have a degree in Christian Education from Taylor University and have additional training in counseling. My desire is to create an atmosphere of love, fun, friends and creative learning from God’s Word that will help equip children to face the world with Jesus as their loving Savior, guide, and best friend. Another passion is to see every person serving the Lord using their God-given gifts. People can experience great joy as they have the privilege of serving our awesome God. Some of my other enjoyments in life are gardening, woodworking, fishing, hiking, or just sitting out-of-doors enjoying God’s creation.


Youth Director

MVince@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 112

Hi, I’m Matt. My wife, Bethany, and I have 3 spirited children: Bella, Xander, and Nora. 1 Corinthians 10:31 is my favorite verse. Hailing from near Dayton, Ohio, I heard God’s call to ministry as a high school freshman. Since then, I’ve been serving in various capacities. Bethany and I were shaped by impactful youth ministries and aim to create a similar atmosphere for students to embrace their faith. Beyond ministry, I find joy in camping, backpacking, reading, movies, and playing board and card games.


Childrens Ministry Assistant

KZakurdayev@phbaptist.org | (440) 886-6100 ext. 123

Hello, I’m Kristina and I’m married to Rus, a full-time welder. I’ve been serving in Children’s ministry since 2019. Ministry has been my passion since age 12. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 19:26. Beyond ministry, I find joy in backpacking, volleyball, snowboarding, and playing the guitar and violin. Cage diving with sharks tops my adventurous bucket list. Entertainment-wise, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood holds childhood memories, while Full House is my current favorite TV show. The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack is my favorite. My talents include making balloon animals and knitting. I connect best with God through worship and nature, where I feel closest to Him. I’d love to visit Santorini, Greece someday. I play violin in the Parma Symphony Orchestra. I enjoy Maverick City Worship. A burger enthusiast, my favorite spot is Wahlburger in Downtown Cleveland, and for dessert, I indulge in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.