COVID-19 Response (May 15, 2021 Update)

Dear Church Family,
Over the past 24 hours, Governor DeWine announced that Ohio will no longer require people to wear a mask if they have been fully vaccinated in accordance with the new CDC guidelines.
As we have been doing since the beginning of the Pandemic, our church body will continue to follow the recommendations of our state and local officials.

This means that beginning Sunday, May 16, masks and social distancing will no longer be required in the building for vaccinated individuals in alignment with the new CDC and state recommendations.

While many of us are looking forward to seeing many of the restrictions being lifted, we also recognize COVID is still real and dangerous and must be taken seriously.
Those who do not yet feel comfortable attending services without a mask or social distancing are welcome to attend with a mask on with no fear of judgment.  We will designate a section in the Worship Center for those who wish to remain masked and socially distant.
This applies ONLY to events and activities related to the church and not to our Academy or Preschool. Our School Board has been monitoring the current situation and will make their own determinations about the best course of action for the operations of our school moving forward.
In Christ,
Pastor Shane Prewitt