Accept His Little Gift (By Matt Williams)

It was Christmas!
No stockings hung by the fire with care.
No hopes of Santa Claus coming there.
It was simply a mother and father loving on their new baby boy,
Basking in all of that wonderful joy.
When without any notice there came a knock,
At the door were a couple of shepherds with their whole flock.
They carried nothing in but their small bags and staff,
But they knelt there to worship between the cow and her calf.
When they were all through, they knew just what to do,
They quickly got up and told everyone all that they knew.
Some time later there came another rap at the door,
Three well-dressed men came to see and adore.
They came with gold, frankincense, and myrrh,
No small insignificant gifts, that’s for sure.
They presented those fine gifts to son, dad, and mom,
And they all immediately thought, “Hey! Those guys are da bomb.”
Well, the kingly three soon left the scene,
But father and mother all wondered what those three gifts could mean.
The gold is a gift fit for royalty,
The frankincense is for healing and for deity.
But it is the myrrh that is most mysterious
For it carries with it a future meaning that is the dreariest.
It tells of this little child’s future pain, suffering, and death.
It would seem this would be the saddest message these three guys left.
But the story does not end on this horrible, sad note
For with that little baby boy, our hope sure floats.
For He is our Savior, Redeemer, and Friend
And our broken hearts He sure wants to mend.
So it doesn’t matter what hurt you have or how little your calm
Big, little, or sad, Jesus is the healing balm.
Your now broken heart He wants to comfort and relieve
Just surrender your life and in Him believe.
Little by little, your pain will fade away, and peace you will obtain
By accepting His little gift, healing and eternal life you will attain.