No Regrets (By Pam Scott)

NO REGRETS! Say the things you need to say, and do the things you need to do. Live your life without regrets.
I was reminded of this just last week as my dad passed from this earth and into his heavenly home. I’ve always felt the importance of using our words and actions throughout our life to show and tell a person how much they mean to us, and that they are loved. 
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Town Hall Highlights (By Shane Prewitt)

On Thursday, June 24, we had a church-wide Town Hall Meeting, in which our ministry team leaders, along with Pastor Shane, gave updates and happenings at PHBC. If you were not able to attend, here are a few key highlights.
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More Than A Weekly Service (By Dan Adams)

I’m curious… What’s your favorite part about church? I don’t mean the church building. I’m also not referring to the hour a week service. I’m talking about the aspects of Christian Community that come from being a part of Church Family. Specifically, what’s your favorite part of Parma Heights Baptist Church?
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Our 2021 Summer Interns


My name is Sarah Cornish, and I’m one of the interns that will be serving you this summer. I just completed my sophomore year at Grove City College, where I am studying to be a high school history teacher.
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Important Update On Ohio Health Orders (By Shane Prewitt)

Last week, Governor DeWine announced that Ohio will no longer require people to wear a mask if they have been fully vaccinated in accordance with the new CDC guidelines.
As we have been doing since the beginning of the Pandemic, our church body will continue to follow the recommendations of our state and local officials.
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