Don’t Miss It! (By Pam Scott)

I often wonder how many opportunities I miss because I am too busy, hurrying to the next thing, or getting chores accomplished. As I am scurrying about, I may not see the people around me who need a helping hand, a kind word, or to hear about Jesus.
We have been so excited this past year as we have met, talked, and planned for Kids Summer Shake-up, connecting it with the Summer Olympics and getting everything in place. We were ready to go. We knew God was going to do great things through each of you.
And then “The COVID” hit. Who would have thought? Now what? Did we plan all this for nothing? Absolutely not! It has been packed away to refresh and bring out next year, when hopefully we are experiencing some normalcy again.
But God has opened up a whole new opportunity to us. We began to pray, research, brainstorm, and write. By May, we knew there was no choice but to take a new direction, and everything had to be done at lightning speed. Our devotional writer Bonnie Scott immediately went to work. From there, we went through with a fine-tooth comb, refining everything to be able to be used in family settings. Our meetings were long and tedious. An editor made the final suggestions. Interns put in the final touches and page layout. Behind the scenes, people cut yarn, packaged pinecones and birdseed, etc. A team came and put together packets and stuffed the bags. And in record time, Family Summer Shake-Up (Home Edition) came into being.
Now God has given us a whole new opportunity to get the Good News to others through Family Summer Shake-Up. So look around – whom do you know in your neighborhoods and at your workplaces that have kids? You can pick up a packet from the church office for them to use with their families. It’s fun, it’s informative, and it can be life changing. DON’T MISS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY that God has provided to us.