God Stories Continued (By Pam Scott)

I knew there would be more stories from Kids Summer Shake-Up, where we saw God’s hand at work, so here’s a few more:

  • An out of control child started behaving and obeying, just like that!
  • 4th, 5th and 6th grade areas had their highest number of kids attending ever (that was the group we were starting to see diminish over the years).
  • Someone who came on as a helper this year shared that she thinks she found her niche and would actually like to be a group leader next year.
  • Another great helper wants to be a group leader next year.
  • A little girl reconnected with a past leader, like they were old friends.
  • Kids are still talking about the butterfly garden that they helped to create last year.
  • An observer, who took off work one day just to watch and support, wants to be a part of the drama team next year.
  • Kids were at complete attention during Bible Impact.
  • Light bulb lights up: A 3rd grader made the connection of repairing buoy at marker 4 to the Bible Story coming out of Mark 4 – they’re thinking and engaged.
  • Baby fawn, with tail wagging, emerged from the woods during snack and group time. God’s creation showing more of who He is!
  • Children in kindergarten seemed to get along, and one girl took it upon herself, without being asked, to help clean up. That’s huge!
  • A young elementary child was so impressed by what her group leader shared that she asked her leader to write it down for her.
  • Our workers are fantastic!

And the God stories can go on and on, and will – so I encourage all of us to continually look for those moments in our lives where we see God’s hand at work. It may be so simple, but so powerful! God is working!